Friday, 28 April 2017


Lamanya tak mengarut kat siniii 😆  i guess this blog is really only for me to write anything. For me to read in future maybe? No one is reading right? Haha. Lol. 

So, i finished my study last january. Alhamdulillah. And almost one month working. Yeayy dah masuk sebulan, and still surviveddd. Weeeee ~~ 💪💪💪

Gosh. Working life is hard. Maybe i cant adapt really well kot? Because of the people, because of those attitude yg sometime i barely can tolerate. Dan yg paling tak best sekali i got no time to rest. Almost every weekends i hv work to do. I do enjoy doing my work tapi mestilah nak cuti jugakkk T.T  Working life is just like.... lifeless. 

Baru faham betapa lonelynya working life, because you got no one. Even your bae get annoyed with you. Maka berhuhuhuhu lah. 

Just hoping that everything gonna be better for me. Sekarang ni hadap je semua benda. Bersyukur je dengan apa yg ada. Because this is life :)

Mungkin dah makin terlupa, dulu moto hidup smile, no matter what :))

So, dear Anisah in the future, never forget you once have a tough life, but still you managed to handle, so never give up!

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