Thursday, 27 October 2016

Give up?

There is time when you feel like you are trying your best to do good to others, to make them feel blessed to have you, to make them feel happy, to make them know how much you care for them and to ignore every feeling that you feel for the sake of their happiness but then you feel like.. Enough is enough. Penat nak berpura2 kau okay tapi sebenarnya tak.

Give up?

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Fight with yourself.

I'm just tired.
Can i stop all these things?

To feel that nobody care, its hurt.


I do think i should live my own life.

Being alone is better.
Cause i'll never understand what others think.

And people wont hurt with my act, with my words, with my attitude.

And yes. It just me, a girl that really cant adapt with this 'hati tisu' things.

Aku bukan hati tisu.
Itu dulu.

And i hate myself for being me.

Jatuh sejatuhnya.

Kali ni aku betul-betul jatuh.
Jatuh yang aku tak tahu aku boleh bangun tak.

Makin jatuh & jatuh.
Sedih. Sedih dengan diri sendiri.

Pity you.